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She Said Boom! We buy and sell new and used vinyl records, LPs, CDs & books.
393 Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto, ON 416-531-6843
Email She Said Boom Roncesvalles Like us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Twitter Find us on Google Maps
378 College St. Toronto, ON 416-944-3224
Email She Said Boom College St Like us on Facebook Find us on Google Maps

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We sell new and used vinyl records and CDs, focusing on Alternative, Electronica, Jazz, Reggae, Roots, Afrobeat and other great music.

Book lovers will adore our used book selection, which specializes in Literature, Philosophy, Art, History, Political Science, Graphic Novels, Cookbooks, Kids' books and more.

Explore a new world of wonderful music, literature and culture. New arrivals every day!


Unidentified voice:

Me: It came from the first song from the second album by the one of the best bands in the world, ever:
All-Time Queen of the World by Fifth Column - "She Said, 'Boom'" lyric and title by Caroline Azar!

It's also the title of the documentary about the band by Kevin Hegge!

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